Boost Conversions and Customer Satisfaction with SMS & Viber Messaging

As the online share of retail sales grows, so does the need to improve conversion rates. Messente for Salesforce integrates text messaging with your sales and service process in Salesforce effectively engaging customers to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Order Confirmation and Delivery Notifications

Transform Order Communications to Delight Customers

Set the stage for exceptional customer experiences from the moment an order is placed. Use Messente for Salesforce to deliver an immediate SMS confirmation directly from Sales Cloud or Commerce Cloud. Keep customers informed as their order progresses through fulfilment and shipping with automatic updates powered by Flow or Apex APIs. This dynamic approach enhances customer satisfaction while significantly reducing inbound queries to your customer service team.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Rescue More Lost Sales with SMS and Viber Messages

The key to cart recovery lies in timely follow-ups. Unlike emails with a mere 22% open rate and delayed responses, SMS messages boast a staggering 98% open rate, typically actioned within 90 seconds. Messente for Salesforce enables you to send immediate, impactful messages, reclaiming potential customers' attention while their abandoned purchase is top of mind.

Marketing Promotions

Text Your Way to More Sales

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, time-sensitive offers demand immediate attention. Harness the power of Messente for Salesforce to deliver timely, relevant marketing messages that ensure your customers receive the right information at the right moment. Reach new conversion rates highs through smart segmentation powered by your Salesforce data.

Customer Surveys and Reviews

Instant Feedback, Lasting Reviews

In the digital era trust is paramount, making post-order feedback essential. SMS messages, with their higher open rates and rapid response times, revolutionise the feedback game. Messente for Salesforce helps you tap into your CRM's wealth of data about each order and customer experience to dramatically improve customer responses. Maximise feedback and gather more positive reviews by targeting the right customers at the right time.

Why E-Commerce Businesses Rely on Messente for Salesforce

Industry Leading Deliverability

Messente’s delivery rates regularly beats alternative messaging providers by 40% so you rest assured your message will get there.

High Volume, Global Scale

With a network of 800+ operators in 197 countries and the ability to send 9,000 messages/minute you can sleep easy knowing your message will get there—no matter the volume.

Seamless Salesforce Integration

Easily personalise SMS & Viber messages at scale with Salesforce Flow or Apex.