Boost Innovation on the Salesforce Platform with Messente for Salesforce

The Salesforce Platform is Salesforce’s underlying platform as a service that allows you to create custom applications and processes that scale and grow with your business. Using Messente for Salesforce’s messaging capabilities you can improve the way in which your customers, partners and employees interact with these applications to increase platform adoption and drive innovation.

Employee Notifications

Keep your employees in the loop with timely SMS notifications, ensuring critical updates reach them no matter where they are. Whether it's informing them about supply chain status or guiding delivery team members to their next destination, SMS ensures your message is seen and your team stays informed.

Customer Notifications and Reminders

Keep customers up to date with the status of their order with SMS and Viber notifications. Additionally, use SMS reminders for callbacks or appointments, minimising no-shows and enhancing efficiency. In the hospitality sector, send booking confirmations and essential information to provide top-notch service to new customers, leveraging your Salesforce data for personalised interactions.