Unlock the Power of SMS Messaging for Sales Teams

Messente for Salesforce is the number one SMS messaging app for Salesforce Sales Cloud, allowing you to connect with your prospects, leads, and customers where they are. With a striking average open rate of 98%, SMS messages outshine standard email open rates of 22%. Discover the power of integrating SMS and Viber messaging with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Appointment Booking

Say goodbye to endless email chains for scheduling meetings. With Messente for Salesforce, simply send a text message to prospects with a scheduling tool link when a lead completes an enquiry form. Unlike emails, SMS messages are actioned within the first 90 seconds on average, enabling prospects to immediately choose an available date and time. Then use Flow to send personalised meeting reminders from the sales rep, boosting meeting attendance rate. Streamline your sales process and increase meeting efficiency. Book more meetings, faster with Messente for Salesforce.

Notifications and Reminders

SMS messages are a cheap and effective way of sending reminders and notifications to your customers as part of your sales process. Whether it's a pending invoice, contract awaiting signature, or a dispatched package, keep your customers informed with timely messages. Elevate their journey and satisfaction with proactive communication.

Marketing Messages and Offers

With an impressive 98% open rate and action within 90 seconds, SMS messages are ideal for time-sensitive offers. Harness your Sales Cloud data to send targeted messages to specific customer groups with Messente for Salesforce. For example, reach out to customers whose warranties are expiring soon with a compelling 10% discount offer for extending it. Plus, all interactions are seamlessly stored in Salesforce for future campaign optimization.