Build Trust and Loyalty in Financial Service Relationships with Secure SMS Messaging

Elevate security, trust, and personalisation for your clients with Messente for Salesforce.

Seamlessly integrate SMS messaging across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud to ensure customer safety and deliver a personalised experience. Discover powerful ways to integrate SMS into your customer communications and stay ahead in a dynamic industry.

Customer Verification and One-Time Codes

Combat Threats, Fortify Customer Trust

In the ever-present landscape of scams and customer fraud, safeguarding your financial services organisation is paramount. Enter Messente for Salesforce—a secure text messaging solution for sending one time passwords, PIN codes, and other protected messages using SHA256 hashing. This facilitates robust two-factor user authentication, ensures verified customer identities, and provides an extra layer of protection for sensitive transactions and account access. Messente for Salesforce readily integrates with your existing Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud systems enabling you to send secure SMS messages using Flow or Apex from within your existing business processes.

Hyper-personalised SMS & Viber Messaging

Unlock Loyalty with Client-centric Text Messaging

With a 98% open rate, SMS messaging is an unparalleled channel to connect with clients and foster ongoing engagement at scale. Deliver targeted offers based on specific customer segments in your CRM and ensure customers receive critical alerts, updates and account information. Provide personalised financial advice based on individual profiles and empower financial advisors with two-way messaging to convert cross-sell and up-sell opportunities faster.

Financial Guidance and Reminders

Help Client Achieve Their Goals

Harness the power of SMS messaging to go beyond traditional banking. Elevate your customers' financial journey by using targeted reminders for upcoming bills, sending encouraging messages when goals are met, and engaging in meaningful conversations based on CRM insights. Transform the way you connect, ensure customers stay on track with their financial goals, and ultimately boost retention and satisfaction.

Security Obsessed Text Messaging for Banking and Wealth Management

Advanced Security to Protect Client Information

Give clients peace of mind with end-to-end message encryption and SHA256 hashing for sensitive data. Advanced AIT detection and phishing defences protect you and your customers from scams.

Reliable Deliverability for Critical Business Messages

With a network of 800+ operators in 197 countries, a 98% delivery rate, and the ability to send 9,000 messages/minute you can sleep easy knowing your message will get there—no matter the volume.

Seamless, Secure Salesforce Integration

Effortlessly customise SMS & Viber messages at scale using Salesforce Flow or Apex while strictly adhering to Salesforce's data access settings and customer opt-outs, ensuring robust GDPR compliance.