Empower Your Customer Support with Secure SMS and Viber Messaging

70% of consumers prefer mobile messaging when troubleshooting problems. Mobile messaging allows customers to get help on the go wherever they are. In highly regulated industries or those handling phone payments, verifying customer identity is crucial. Discover how Messente for Salesforce, integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud, ensures secure and efficient customer communication.

Two-Way Messaging

Messente for Salesforce can let you send and receive messages to create cases and reply to customer’s queries in real time conversations, wherever they are. Using the out of the box components you can talk with customers and solve their problems straight from the Case Feed.

User Verification

When talking to a customer over the phone and accessing their personal account, you will often need to verify their identity. Messente for Salesforce allows you to send one-time passcodes through WhatsApp, Viber and SMS to verify the customer securely over the phone.