Texting for Better Health

Ensuring that your messaging is correct, delivered, and timely is more important in healthcare scenarios than any others. Whether it's to help cut waste through cancelled appointments or sending important reminders to patients, SMS messaging can help you reduce waste and improve outcomes in the age of personalised medicine.

Appointment Reminders

A Prescription for Cost Efficiency

According to NHS England, missed GP appointments cost the NHS around £216 million annually. Whatever your practice, appointment no-shows cause significant costs, and a simple SMS appointment reminder with a link to change or cancel the appointment can significantly reduce the number and frequency of missed appointments. Lower operational costs even further by fully automating SMS and Viber messages from Salesforce.

Health and Wellness Communications

Consistent Care, One Text at a Time

Text messages have a 98% open rate making them ideal for important patient communication. Whether it is reminding a patient to take their medication, educational material such as diet advice, or seasonal updates for flu vaccinations, Messente for Salesforce can empower your Health Cloud instance to send timely SMS and Viber messages to your patients to help them stay on track with their agreed care plan.

Why Healthcare Providers Trust Messente for Salesforce

Advanced Security to Protect Patient Information

Give patients peace of mind with end-to-end message encryption and SHA256 hashing for sensitive data. Advanced AIT detection and phishing defences protect you and your customers from scams.

Seamless Salesforce Integration

Pre-built Lightning components enable users to send SMS and Viber messages from any record. Easily automate messaging with Salesforce Flow or Apex.

Industry Leading Deliverability

Messente’s delivery rates regularly beats alternative messaging providers by 40% so you rest assured your message will get there.